Pitool Manual

Quick connection guide:

Download the latest Pitool here: Download

Make sure you have installed the latest Graphic Card Driver.

Please connect the headset like below:

Note: The thick USB cable is for data transfer; the thin one is for power supply if the power is not enough.

After finished, the connection page is like below:

If you do not have base stations, you could change to Axis-9 mode:

1. Connection Status

Guide: Guide users to connect the headset with USB/DP cable, and guide users to use room settings and pairing the controller.

Start Steamvr: Click it and restart steamvr within Pitool.

Room Setup: Guide users to room settings/ (If you only use steamvr, please do room settings only within Steamvr.)

Device Pair: Guide users to pair the Vive1.0/2.0 controller, Index controller, or Vive tracker.

Controller/Base station/Tracker status bar: 

  • The gray is not connected;
  • The flashing between gray and blue is found but not tracked
  • the steady blue is the status as tracked.

Reboot HMD: Click it, the headset will be rebooted.

Restart service: Click it, the service will be restarted.


    1. Light on the headset:

    • Red: means connection is failed, Pleaser check the DP/USB connection.
    • Green: means the headset is connected.
    • Purple: means parallel projection is turned on.

     2. Error code when disconnected

    • 10500 means USB connection fail,  please try to re-plug it or try another USB port.
    • 10600 means DP connection fail, please re-plug it or try another DP port.
    • 30000 means Pitool service (Piservicelauncher) is down, please check it. 

     2. Settings-General

    Current Version:Pitool version number

    Headset Firmware: Firmware version number

    Select Language:You could select the language on Pitool.

     3. Settings-HMD

    Tracking mode:

    • If you have the base stations and controls in hands, please select Lighthouse.
    • If you have no base stations and controllers, please select 9-axis mode which can be used to watch movies or play games in seated mode, such as flight or racing games.

    Light Bar color: Not support temporarily.

    Refresh Rate:Select your favorite refresh rate. During this time the headset will be disconnected and reconnected.

    Backlight: Select your favorite the level of backlight.

    IPD offset: adjust the deviation of IPD by software.

    Screen vertical offset value: adjust the value of screen vertical offset.

    Motion compensation: Motion compensation will be activated when you connected with the controlled or Vive tracker.  The controller or Vive tracker will be shown in the device list. 

      4. Settings-Games

     Common Setting: Config the games individually which are based on your prefered settings.

     Field of view: change hearset FOV (restart steamVR to take effect)

    Render quality: Change the game picture quality, the default is 1 (need to restart steamVR to take effect).

    Fixed Foveated Rendering:Reduce the resolution of the screen edge to achieve the purpose of reducing the computer configuration requirements (this function needs to be turned on before starting the game).

    Note:This function is only available on NVIDIA RTX graphic cards.

    Compatible with parallel projections: If the picture does not overlap in some games, please check this function to make the eyes overlap ( you need to restart steamVR to reopen the game to take effect).

    Turn on Smart smoothing: After enabling this function, it will take effect when the game is more than half of the refresh rate, and when the game frame is limited to half of the refresh rate, the full frame display effect can be achieved by adding frames.

    Hidden area mask: Mask the screen outside the field of view to achieve the purpose of optimizing performance. When the screen is abnormal in some games, you can uncheck this function (you need to restart steamVR to take effect).

    Compatible with Vive only games: Some games are not compatible with pimax headset other than VIVE, you can check this function to solve it (you need to restart steamVR to take effect).


    Color Contrast/Brightness: Change contrast and brightness on the screen.


     Note:After the options on this page is changed, you need to click Apply or Save to take effect

    5. My game: Import the games from this page.

    Note: This page will automatically read and import user steam and oculus game's libraries.

     6. Help:

     Diagnose: When there is a problem with headset connection or tracking, click diagose to check the computer environment and get the components for fixing.



    Export Log: You could click "export log" and send the logs to us for our analysis.

    Technical Support: Click here to raise a ticket to us.