Hand Tracking Module Setup Guide

The hand tracking module is compatible with the Pimax Artisan, 5k+, 8K, XR, 8K+ and 8KX headsets and can be installed in just a few minutes or less. This device is designed with the latest technology and optimized for a wide field of view. 

It is best if your headset is not plugged into your pc or power supplies when installing your hand tracking module.

1. Open the box and choose the screw that matches the hole diameter of the screw at the bottom of the headset.


 2.After assembling the module as shown in the figure below, insert the screws from the red circle screw holes, and choose a screwdriver of appropriate size to tighten the screws.

3. After insert the module to Type-C, connect the headset with PC, Pitool will prompt Handtracking has been inserted and detected, and provide a driver download button.

4. Click it and start to download the driver for handtracking module.

5. Install the driver according to the instruction.

6. Finished.

7. Demo APP

You could find many demo APPs on here.

8.SDK Download