Eye Tracking Manual

1. Remove the comfort kit on the headset:

How to remove and install the comfort kit

2.Install eyetracking on the headset as shown belew:

3. The installation has been completed and you could reinstalled the comfort kit to the headset.

note: If you are using 8K X (only one Type-C on the bottom), you will need to use a tie line to connect.

Please refer to the picture below.

You can also try to point the USB3.0 logo towards yourself, depending on the power supply capability of your computer.

 4.Please make sure that you have installed Pitool V1.0.1.263 and above, and connect the eye tracking module to the headset according to the instructions in the box. After the connection is successful, Pitool will prompt you to download the aSeeVR driver (EyeTracking drive).

5. After installation, run the Runtime program and two icons will appear in Windows system tray


6.Click to enter the calibration procedure for calibration

 7. calibration procedure

The two dots in the box represent the relative position of the pupil. The two green dots should appear approximately in the middle of the box during normal wear. If two red dots appear, check whether a thin mask is used and the hardware is installed correctly. Then follow the prompts to calibrate, press the ESC key to close the calibration program when finished.

8. Pitool setting

After installation and calibration, dynamic foveated rendering option will appear in the pitool setting.

Supported function:

1. Use eye tracking module and the corresponding SDK to develop eye tracking-related applications or games (sample code and development documents are already in the installation directory)

2. Only if you are an Nvidia RTX graphics card user, VR game you are running will support DFR function.