Please read through the rules below as well as the rules on each coupon before using.

One coupon per order.
Available products and purchase quantity for each type of coupons may be different. For select products and purchase quantities, the coupons are not applicable.
Each coupon may have a validity period. Coupons will be invalid after this period. You can check coupon descriptions for their validity period in My Account - My Gift Cards and Coupons.
Some coupons are bound to your Pimax account, and cannot be shared with others. Please contact customer service if you need assistance.
Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash, and you cannot ask for an invoice at the discounted value.

If you ask for a refund for a whole order, coupons used in that order will be returned to your account when the refund process is complete. If you ask for a refund for part of an order, please ask our customer service representatives if your coupons can be returned.